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Probes and Accessories for machine tools.


Marposs can supply a wide range of measurement and process control applications and probes and accessories for machine tools.

These systems are designed to provide metrology lab performances in a shop floor environment (high repeatability and accuracy).

This site contains information on: process control on grinding machines (grinders), lathes, milling machines, machining centers, transfer machines, transfer lines, flexible cells, in process gages and post process gages, flexible measurement, closed loop machine tool control (feedback), laser tool setting, tool positioning, tool checking, tool break detection, part inspection, retrofit, sensors, touch probes, spindle probes, probing systems, infrared touch probes, radio frequency touch probes, measuring robots, measuring machines, gauging fixtures, manual toolsetting arms, motorized tool setting arms, productivity improvement

Applications on grinders

Marposs in-process gauges continuously measure parts during the grinding process: the machine cycle is adjusted based on the amount of material stock to be removed and the feed rates are optimized to produce parts with excellent surface finishes and very tight tolerances.
These applications are resistant to the harshest working environments and are available for any type of grinding machine (centerless, cylindrical grinders, etc. ) both for OD and ID measurements on smooth or interrupted surfaces with quick set-up devices.

Marposs wheel balancers are the best solution to continuously monitor the grinding wheel condition and immediately compensate any unbalancing during the cycle, improving the surface quality of individual parts, extending spindle life and reducing the grinder downtime.
Both external (flange type) and internal (spindle type) balancing heads are available, with either hard wired and contactless signal transmission.

Marposs acoustic sensors detect changes in the sounds produced during grinding and provide precise feed rate control when the wheel is touching the part or the dresser, thus preventing collisions and detecting machine and tool abnormalities, chipped grinding wheels and dresser faults.
The acoustic sensors allow to improve cycle time and reduce costs.
Sensors can be integrated into the in-process measurement and the wheel balancing functions.

Applications on grinders, lathes, milling machines, transfer machines, transfer lines, machining centers, flexible cells

Marposs Mida™ probing systems are used for part dimensional inspection and tool setting for virtually any CNC cutting machine tool.
The line includes both touch probes and non-contact laser systems with the ability to improve production quality and increase machine tool productivity.
Installation is easy on new machines as well as in old machines retrofitting, thanks to the availability of a sw library for several types of numerical controls (NC). Hard wired or infrared interfaces are available.

Marposs post-process gauges measure critical dimensions on ground or turned parts and may generate compensation feedback signals to the machine tool control, as well as statistical process control (SPC).
They range from simple to complex systems, either dedicated or flexible, manual or automatic, stand-alone or fully integrated with process automation and robots.

Marposs standard and special gauge plugs are used in applications on transfer lines, machining centers and flexible cells.
The dimension of the part can be detected on the machine and the measurement result is used to correct the machine in order to maximize the process capability. Scraps are eliminated and costs reduced.
These systems are available with standard or wide range measuring cells and based on contact or pneumatic technology. Hard wired or infrared interfaces are available.

Non-destructive testing

Thanks to the non destructive testing it is possible to perform a 100-percent inspection of mechanical components to make sure of their structural integrity and meet today's safety and reliability concerns.


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